Thursday, 24 February 2011

Introducing The Custards!!!

Well, this has been a long time coming but Ive finally got us up and running! :)  I decided a few weeks ago that I wanted to start a blog....The Custards go to some ace places, see some cool things and always manage to find some great deals when it comes to holidays/weekends/nights away so, I thought the purpose of this blog could be to share these adventures and great places with the world and pass on great information so other people can have as good a time as us (for not that much money!!)

When we (Mr and Mrs Custard) first started looking for nice places to stay, a friend recommended a book called 'The Mr and Mrs Smith Guide' - which we managed to come across (its a secret how - only a select few friends know this part - but sorry I cant tell you that story!).  We went to one of the places in the book called 'The Drunken Duck' which was lovely and has a great story surrounding it but I'll tell you about that one a little later in the blog - the place was really great and not too badly priced, however, most of the other places in the book needed a second mortgage on our home taking out to go and stay there, so we just started researching places to stay ourselves, by trawling the Internet, reading books, picking up leaflets here, there and everywhere and within no time at all had found some really ace places to go and stay for a fraction of the cost of the hotels in the previously mentioned guide.....and you lucky people will now be able to share our top places!

A few years after this, Mr Custard started Geocaching which is a hobby which takes us all over the place too, so being able to find great places to stay has been a god send!  We have met some really great friends through Geocaching too and been on some fabulous walks etc so, I thought this was a fantastic topic to blog about alongside the above - this is also where the name 'The Custards' came from so I feel it would only be right to include it in the blog!  I will tell you about good walks we have been on, great caches we have found, upcoming/previous geocaching events and anything else which I feel everyone should know about!  Should you want to find out more about Geocaching please have a look on this website: - this should tell you more about this relatively low cost hobby which is great for families, friends, couples....whoever really!  Right then...time to get going!