Friday, 30 March 2012

Funtime Friday!

Oh my gosh!  Is it Friday again?  Hell yeah!  The weeks are absolutely flying by at the moment and now it's the big countdown to Easter weekend!  The first bank holiday of the year is always looked forward to by the nation and today's announcement of the fuel strike being called off (if there was going to be one in the first place) will make everyone rest easy about their planned Easter trips!  Here at Custard HQ we are all excited about Easter bunny madness as we have something great to look forward to this year which I'm sure you'll find out about later!

So here goes the whole 'Funtime Friday' thing...this week I have chosen a video of a baby that is impossible not to laugh at.  If you don't believe me, Watch it and try and keep a straight face if you will be like trying to eat a sugar doughnut without licking your lips - impossible!

I bet you laughed didn't you!  I hope you all have a great weekend guys!  Just think....this time next week you will all be out in the sunshine enjoying the first bank holiday of the year! 

Thursday, 29 March 2012

Custard Ideas...Get Rid Of The Boy Shoes!

last week Mr Custard and I decided to go for a stroll onto Marsden after work for a drink in the sunshine and a spot of tea in a nice pub afterwards.  Unfortunately the stroll was cut short and we only made it as far as Slaithwaite (or Slawit to the locals) due to me having to wear what are known in my book as BOY SHOES!

During the winter just gone, whilst out walking and Geocaching with Mr C and our lovely friends, I have been wearing my Hunter wellies as they are comfy, and look half decent with my skinny jeans.  The downside to wellies though is once it starts to get a bit warmer, your shins start to get very warm and uncomfortable.
My Hunter Wellies!
On this particular evening the weather was lovely and warm so I decided to drag out my walking boots from the cupboard in the hope I would be a little cooler (they had been there a good while too as I hate me they look like boy shoes...and I'm a girl!).  I tied up my laces in disgust whilst Mr C laughed at me and told me to stop being such an idiot and said 'its not a fashion show'. 

Hellloooooo!  Does he know anything about how a girls mind works?  We know everythings not a fashion show but we just like to look nice and wear girly shoes whether we're on a walk or at a fashion show! 

We set off along the canal towards Marsden and within minutes I felt in a really bad mood because of my shoes!  I felt like I had two barges on my feet that would not look out of place on the very canal we were walking alongside!  As well as looking like a pair of boats, they were uncomfortable and made my feet really hot too! 
Huddersfield Narrow Canal
In light of the above and my bad mood, we decided to cut our walk short and only got as far as Slaithwaite!  In the pub, I refused to go and get a drink for Mr C and kept my feet well tucked under the table at all times as every other girl in there had lovely, pretty shoes on!  I HATE BOY SHOES!

So heres my idea...I think that its about time that the manufacturers of technical walking clothing/shoes should take note and start designing some decent 'girl' stuff - especially shoes!  If they did I think that there would be an influx of sales as girls like me would be happy when out walking - this would mean that we would go walking more, which in turn would mean even more sales for manufacturers. 

In the case of Mr Custard and I - this would also make Mr C happier as I wouldn't moan as much either.  That means that designing some great technical girls wear would have a knock on effect on the men of our nation too as they would be happier - and in that case, everyone would be a winner!

Girls just want 'girl' stuff!  It makes them happy!

Tuesday, 27 March 2012

The War Of The Roses...Yorkshire Pudding Stylee!

Now I don't know how much you guys know about history but I remember being really intrigued when learning about the war of the roses at high school (and before you say it...yes I know that was a long time ago you cheeky monkeys!).  See I thought that this series of civil wars that spanned well over a hundred years between the House of York and the House of Lancaster ended a long time ago around 1485......WRONG!

A few nights ago I was having a little Twitter session and I noticed a comment from an old pal of mine (who also has her own fab blog by the way - regarding north/south divide comments about her tea that day - chips, peas and gravy.  Innocently, after looking at her supplied picture I tweeted back to her something along the lines of:

@girlonaterrace - skip the peas please...Yuck!!! Otherwise...mmmmm! Oh and throw in a Yorkshire pudding!

In my tweet I was simply commenting purely on a food basis - I hate peas but I love Yorkshire pudding (doesn't everyone?) but then all of a sudden the war reared its ugly head again and this is what I got in return...

@kimmicustard - ha!! Woooah wrong side of the hills for a Yorkshire lol!

So there you have it!  It just goes to show that the war of the roses is still very much in play and people 'over the hill' still like to do things differently from us - despite the divide ending hundreds of years ago (apparently!).  I seriously thought everyone in the UK (and other countries) loved Yorkshire Puds!  It seems I was very wrong in regards to people from the other side of the hill!

For Sarahs benefit lol...Mmmmm!  Mine would be minus peas though!
If any of my readers have any thoughts regarding the north/south Yorkshire pudding divide...please feel free to comment!

Monday, 26 March 2012

Top Six Moments That Made Me Smile This Weekend!

What a top weekend! After feeling a little frustrated on Friday due to numerous things, Mr custard and I have had a really top weekend due to some wonderful sunny moments that really made us smile! Amongst many others, here are my top six:

1. We got up With the birds on Saturday (The custards don't do lie ins!) and went over to Scunthorpe with our good friends The Gom squad. We had a really lovely walk in great company - little Gom was on top form and made us chuckle all morning with comments about being sick from toothpaste and other tales about gypsies and dwarfs - oh how a little mans mind works! He also showed off his talent at doing an amazing American accent - he's five by the way - just five! I have to say that I think he has the making of a stand up comic! I love kids with character!

2. Following on from the previous talents of little Gom, the second thing this weekend that made me smile (and brought a tear to my eye) was his beautiful rendition of 'Lego House' by Ed Sheeran. After walking for a few hours he just burst into song whilst walking along holding his Mums hand....bless!

3. When catching a bus to my Mums on Sunday morning that was driven by a well known grumpy driver who has worked for the company for years (I have never seen him smile yet in all my years of living in Huddersfield) I witnessed for the first time EVER him smiling at his customers...not only that but when the passengers were sat down comfortably and he started driving, he actually started to sing in his cabin! No word of a lie! It was rather uplifting!

4. My beautiful niece drew me a flower and cut it out for me to take home. She then drew another, and then a house, and then a sunshine, and then me with my tongue stuck out and then stuck it all onto one sheet of paper so that I had a collage (see below). I'm sure we'll all agree that the simplicity of a five year old's drawing is a very cheerful thing!

5. Sunday was the day that 'The bad boy' BBQ was brought out! It was the first one of the year and Mr C, Pedro and I had the most lovely afternoon sat in the sun whilst smelling the uber luscious aromas that were let out of the Weber! An hour later we retreated to the sofa after we decided we could not physically eat any more! BBQs are always fab for lifting the spirits especially in an unusually warm March!

6. The weekend ended with a very funny conversation over Facebook with our friends that are currently sunning it up in the land of Oz! Australian slang was being thrown all over the place but it was lovely to enjoy the sunshine with someone that was so far away! That's the power of the Internet though...especially social networks and blogs - even though you are thousands of miles away from each other you still feel like you're right next to each other! I personally think its fab that we can all keep in touch so easily now!

Drawing by my niece - Love it!
BBQ!  Mr Weber how I've missed you!
...and that my friends concurs my top six smiley moments from the weekend just gone - it just goes to show that true happiness comes from the simple things in life without a shadow of a doubt!

Sunday, 25 March 2012

Custard Creative! Pooch Painting!

I hope you are all having a lovely Sunday so far!  Today I thought I would share with you some of my creativeness!  A few months ago, I bought an Ipad even though I had had a conversation with Mr C sometime ago saying that they would never take off - today I eat my words as it is now a creative extension to my arm on which I can do many things like blogging, keeping up with social networks, painting, scrapbooking and much, much more!  I have always been a creative person so this little piece of mobile tech now keeps me occupied constantly and allows me to create things wherever I go!

A while ago, I was watching Countryfile one Sunday evening and they had a feature on there about David Hockney and his painting.  To my surprise, just about all of his works that were shown on the programme were done on an Ipad!  They were absolutely amazing and I wasted no time in researching which painting app to buy!  Within minutes of downloading the app I felt really excited about its potential and set to work painting with my finger rather than a brush!

After a few practice paintings of beaches etc. I decided to paint a picture of my cute (but daft) little chocolate lab - Pedro.  I was so pleased with the result that I posted it straight to Facebook (from my Ipad of course!) and the response I received to the picture was amazing!

Pedro - My first pooch painting!

This new technology is astounding in an artists point of view - for instance- if you do something wrong on a picture there is an 'undo' button which you can keep pressing until you get back to a point that the painting was going well and then continue again!  How cool is that!  Very soon after I had posted the picture of Pedro I ended up having a conversation with one of our lovely Geocaching friends who asked if I would paint her dog Flora - I was honoured to be asked and set to straight away!  Many hours of work later here was the result:

Flora - Digging in the sand!

Since then I have painted two more dogs with results equally as good as the first two - please see below:


One of the best things about painting on an Ipad is the fact that there is no cleaning up after you have finished!  There are no brushes and paint pots to wash out, but the best thing is that there are no art supplies to buy!  Once you have bought the app, you have a limitless supply of cyber paint in any possible colour that you could ever imagine!

So as you can see, Ipads aren't just for gadget boys (like Mr C) - they can be whatever you want them to be - in my case a gadget that allows me to be creative anywhere!  Previousy I hated everything Apple stood for, however, my view has now changed in favour of creativeness and I can honestly say that I'm now a fully fledged convert!

Should any of you want a Pooch painting doing, please email me!

Friday, 23 March 2012

Custard Inspiration - Orrr!

I've been feeling a little low today and sometimes it just takes that little something to make you smile again!  Whilst browsing websites for my Funtime Friday post I also came across this beautiful sequence of images - Those of you who know me know that I am a photographer by trade and have always loved a gorgeous image that really shines the true feeling through!  This picture that I found on does just that!  It is also titled 'The Evolution of a smile' and I have say it has really helped to evolve my own personal smile today!
The evolution of a smile
Things are much easier when you keep smiling aren't they?!!  It allows you to carry on regardless!

Funtime Friday! Thank God Its Friday!

Friday!  Its finally here again!  I bet you're all thinking to yourself 'thank goodness for that!' - either that or you are eagerly awaiting the next installment of my 'Funtime Friday' posts!  Well here you go, I won't keep you waiting any more!  Today I thought that I would share a video from the ever popular You Tube - this one is actually titled 'Thank god its Friday!' and it shows some rather funny clips about office fun and frustrations!  Enjoy!

I hope you all have a lovely weekend!

Thursday, 22 March 2012

Custard Eats! Spanish Chicken..MMM!

Hola amigos!  The sunshine has been out for the last few days and it seems that everyone I know is now talking about BBQ's again - a few of our family and friends have gone the whole hog already and actually had a BBQ too - blimey!  It must be warm!  Either that or the true British spirit has come out early and by that I mean that as soon as the sun shows itself (even if it is only 5 degrees outside) the shorts and BBQ's are dragged out of the cupboard - yeah you know who you are lol (I'm only jealous by the way)!

Now then, sunny weather and blue sky always make me think of Spain, so the other night in the Custard household we decided to make some lip smackingly tasty Spanish Chicken (well - Mr C did anyway!).  Oh lord it was nice - so nice that I thought I would share the recipe with you!

First of all, you need to take a wander to the farm shop if you have one for some top quality meat - we popped up to Bolster Moor Farmshop (I bet you would never have guessed that if you have read the rest of our blog!) and purchased a lovely pair of chicken breasts and a ring of super tasty Spanish Chorizo!  When you get home, chop the chicken and chorizo into chunks and fry off in a little oil - when browned, add mushrooms, a tin of tomatoes and then finally a Schwartz Spanish chicken herb mix (can be purchased from most supermarkets).  Stew down for about 20 minutes or so and hey presto - Spanish chicken!

Seriously - it really is as easy as that!  We had it with lemon and coriander cous cous but I'm sure it would be equally as nice with either boiled rice or a jacket potato!  To compliment the taste of this dish in true Spanish style, pour yourself a nice glass of Rioja - go on you know you want to!  Thats what we did anyway!

Mr Custards Spanish Chicken MMM!

Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Custard Favourite Places! The George At Wath!

Spring is in the air and the weather is starting to look promising!  At this time of year its always nice to start planning holidays or weekends away so I guess its time for me to tell you about another amazing place that Mr C and I have found that is fabulous in terms of quality but remarkably good on the old pocket!  Today its the turn of The George at Wath - just outside Ripon.

The George at Wath
After trawling the internet (we're good at that because we like a bargain!) - Mr Custard came across this lovely little Inn that is situated in a pretty little village called Wath.  The deal we found was as follows:  Dinner, bed and breakfast for £99.00 (in a standard double) - this was on a Saturday night too!  Should you want a slightly bigger room there are other packages available too at not much more but to be honest, the standard double that we had was really nice so I personally think you are better to save the extra money for another glass of vino or two!

Picture from The George at Wath - Standard double room

The food at this friendly little place was amazing!  After a morning wander around Ripon, Mr C and I decided to go straight to the hotel as they had a check in time of 12pm (where do you get that these days?).  After a very friendly greeting by the staff who showed us to our room, we headed straight down to the bar for a bite to eat and a beer!  To our contentment they had a fab little tapas menu going on that sounded right up our street and boy we were not disappointed!  Yum yum!  Absolutely divine is all I can say!

Scrumptious tapas at The George!
After a lovely lunch we chilled out for the afternoon until it was time for the evening meal!  Whilst sat in the cozy restaurant waiting to be served, we overheard another couple talking about the high standards of the chef and they were certainly not wrong either as the food - both the taste and the presentation was outstanding!  I had beer battered haddock with dripping cooked chips (minus the mushy peas which should have come with it because I HATE peas!) and Mr C had steak and ale pie cooked in Theakstons bitter (please see the photos below if you want to drool!).

Beer battered haddock and dripping cooked chips

Steak and ale pie cooked in Theakstons bitter
Breakfast in the morning was just as good as the rest of the food and if you are looking for a cozy, relaxed and friendly atmosphere at an outstanding price, but in a high quality surrounding then we can highly recommend this place - its fab!

Just one little tip though - the three course dinner included in the price is from the early bird menu which only runs until 6.45pm and if you order later than this they won't let you have it!  However, after this time they give you an allowance of £15.00 per person from the normal evening menu (which we had) and if you only want one course the rest of the money is knocked off your drinks bill so we were happy with that!

In a nut shell, The George at Wath is a lovely little village Inn that is spotlessly clean and has been beautifully refurbished.  The standard of the food is outstanding and the staff are very friendly - I think this one definitely deserves a 'Custard Favourite Places' award! 

Now get off our blog and get it booked!  You will not be disappointed!

I Hate Wednesdays!

Wednesday is a bad day....its like being in limbo!  At this point of the week, we still have the same amount of time to work as we have already done - the weekend just seems like its a million miles away!  To brighten things up on this terrible day I have found a little Garfield graphic that made me smile.....

Right....time to stop moaning and get on with a post that actually means something lol!  Read on to the next blog post if its time for you to have a bit of well deserved R & R for another great place to stay that we (The Custards) have found at a bargain price!

Just realized also that while I have been writing this post about Wednesdays, it is now lunch time which means we have gone to the other side of the day of limbo and the countdown to the weekend has now begun!  Wahey!  Glass half full again!

Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Let The Games Begin! Custard Hopefuls!

Olympic fever is in the air!  The London 2012 Olympic Games are getting ever nearer and there is a growing feeling of excitement throughout the world - especially in the UK where the Games are to be held!

The official Olympic torch relay will begin on May 19th where a massive 8000 specially chosen people will carry the famous flame throughout the country for 70 days after which it will arrive safely in the new Olympic stadium on 27th July!
Preparations are well underway now, the Olympic stadium has been finished and all the merchandise has hit the shops - all that is left to do now is make sure that we have the right Olympic hopefuls in place in order to scoop a barrage of gold medals!

Talented individuals like Mr Custard and I have been working hard over the previous months in order to try out for Team GB!  We feel like we have done everything right to get into the team - we have had had amazing costumes made, our hair has been coiffed and we have put hours and hours worth of practice into our routine.

Today, I can officially announce that the Custards are trying out for the Team GB figure skating team - please watch our try out video below and feel free to mail us afterwards should you feel the distinct urge to sponsor us due to our pure talent!

Personalize funny videos and birthday eCards at JibJab!

Monday, 19 March 2012

Fighting Inspiration!

This weekend a very good friend of mine - Alistair Warren (otherwise known as 'Burt' Warren) boxed at The Motorpoint Arena in Sheffield against John Ryder.  Unfortunately Burt lost the fight on a points basis, but from comments I have previously read about John Ryder regarding knock outs, Burt did amazingly well against him and I personally feel really proud of him!  In a post fight interview with John Ryder featured on iLondon, Ryder tells of how Burt was certainly no push over - he tells of how the fight was 'tough' and that it was the first time he had gone to 8 rounds with anyone before - Go Burt!

The purpose of this little blog post is to tell everyone how inspirational I think Burt is.  I have known him since the very beginning of his boxing career and personally have never met a lad of his age that has been so consistently disciplined with training and health because he wanted to do so well at boxing.  He has constantly strived over the years to do well and because of this he has an amazing win record behind him already!

He never lets anything get him down and constantly gets back up  - and even though he lost on Saturday, he was pictured in the Arena just after the fight (very bruised and battered - see below) with the biggest, proudest grin on his face ever! 

To me, Burt is a legend and is an inspiration to us all what hard work and discipline can do - I have absolutely no doubt either that he will go on to become even more successful in his career because his pure dedication will not let him down!  He should be a lesson to us all!

'Burt' Warren after the John Ryder fight 17th March 2012
Portrait of Burt in his early days of boxing - by me!!!

Friday, 16 March 2012

Happy St Patricks Day!

Tomorrow its St Patricks day and people all over the world are are getting ready to celebrate this well known Saint.  The celebration is to commemorate the work of St Patrick that spanned over thirty years when he travelled through Ireland creating Monastery's and spreading the word of Christianity.  He decided to do this after he spent 12 years himself in a monastery in Gaul and felt that it was his calling to convert pagans into Christians.

Today, this well loved Saint (particularly loved by the Irish) is celebrated delightfully by huge street parades and then a good old knees up afterwards!  This is the one day of the year I'm sure that sales in pubs of Guinness go through the roof as the St Patrick's day revellers get right into the spirit of things!

In order to join in the fun I have found a little clip of one of the most famous Irish songs ever to share with you that is beautifully sung by some of the most talked about stars of the moment - The Muppets!  I hope you enjoy it as much as I did!

Happy St Patricks day everyone!  We hope you have a fun filled day that includes plenty of Guinness and laughter!

Funtime Friday!

Yeahhhhh!!!  Its Friday!!!  The best day of the week in my book!  At this point in time now - most of the nation (except the people who work weekends - sorry to rub it in guys) is on the countdown to the weekend and is ready to have some fun!  I can feel it now...the weekday frowns are starting to turn upside down because its nearly time to relax!

I used to do a blog for an old company that I worked for and on this blog I had a 'Funtime Friday' thing going that I have to say was rather popular with the think I will carry it on in this blog and spread some Custard cheer from now on on a Friday to help those smiles along!  So here goes the first one that I hope will make you giggle today!  I saw this on my friends Facebook wall the other night and just had to pinch it!  Happy Weekend Guys!

Thursday, 15 March 2012

Custard Eats - Bolster Moor Farmshop

Bolster Moor this is most definitely one of the Custards favourite places!  Nearly every day after work we go up to this fantastic farm shop to get something for tea - the quality of the produce there is absolutely outstanding and unfortunately once you've eaten their food, there is no going back and meat from anywhere else will never taste the same!

Simon Haigh & Andrew Whitwam

The Farmshop is owned by second cousins Andrew Whitwam and Simon Haigh and they pride themselves on being an award winning family run business!  Now when I say award winning, I don't just mean one or two awards here or there, they have a list of awards as long as your arm for their produce and it seems that whatever they enter they come out on top - not surprising though having eaten their produce for a while now! 

Picture from Bolster Moor Farmshop

Bolster Moor Farmshop is a truly wonderful place - the produce is amazing, the staff are super friendly and the atmosphere when you are in there is one of real community happiness...they also can't do enough for you, for instance, one evening we went up to get some of their tasty chicken kebabs...I had been looking forward to them all day but when we arrived there were only three left!  That didn't matter though because Andrew (one of the owners) made up some more for me even though everything had been cleared away!  Let me tell you...I was a really happy bunny when I left that day and I expect that if this is how they treat all of their customers (on this I have no doubt) then this is the reason that the car park is always full!

Most of Mr C's amazing culinary creations are made with produce from Bolster Moor and I have to say, since shopping there I have kind of fallen out with the supermarkets - anything we buy from them now just tastes like second rate food!

There is also another reason to take a trip up to Bolster Moor Farmshop - they have a coffee shop too!  The coffee shop building is really lovely and boasts an amazing view over the valley - in there they serve some of the most phenomenal food (of course their own) to munch with your coffee which includes home baked cakes from their own bakery and one of the most popular choices on the menu - breakfast!  The coffee shop is always busy but that's not a problem because the staff (as in the farmshop), are always really attentive!

Picture from Bolster Moor Farmshop

I have to say, Bolster Moor Farmshop is one of those places that makes me feel really lucky to live in Huddersfield - I don't think there would ever be a better place for such high quality produce and a sense of community, they have done an amazing job in creating an outstanding establishment that I hope continues to thrive for years to come!

Oh...and by the way Bolster Moor can now add the 'Custard Favourite Places' award to your accolade!

Custard Eats....the little things!

Over the last year or so Mr Custard has built up quite a following for his food photos and posts on Facebook and Twitter.  He writes his descriptions of what we are eating with plenty of passion and manages every time to make them sound like a Marks and Spencers advert!  He has also managed to get a mention in our magnificent local farm shops magazine (Bolster Moor Farmshop) with one of his tweets - something that he is very proud of!

Today this has given me a new idea...why don't we start up a 'Custard Eats' blog with tips and recommendations for food ideas and where to buy the superb quality produce that we always try and eat. This I feel would do two things - 1) help the readers of our blog enjoy their food as much as we do, and 2) help our local food businesses thrive with new customers!  Let's start off simply....

Over the last few mornings at Casa De Custard, Mr C and I have been eating a very simple, but heavenly breakfast - fresh toast with lashings and lashings of super glossy, bright red Bonne Mamman strawberry jam.....oh my word that stuff is amazing!  Each mouthful is like a taste bud explosion of super fruity heaven and personally I can't get enough of it!  Sadly though, my jar is coming to an end so I might just have to hop foot it down to the shop to get some more!

Arrrr....the simple things...seriously, I really think you should try this one if you have never had this premium jam before - I guarantee you will not be disappointed (unless you hate strawberries of course)!

Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Terrific Turnpike!

Today its time to let you know about another of Mr and Mrs Custards favourite places to stay!  We don't like to spend the earth when going away for the weekend but we do like good quality and because we are good at shopping around on the good old tinternet we have always managed to find some outstanding places at really competitive prices!  My aim with this blog was always to share these places with other people too so that they can get a good deal at a fab place and also to big up the excellent establishments that we have stayed in over the years!  So here goes....

The Turnpike Inn at Rishworth Moor is one of our very favourite places and we have now been quite a few times!  This place really is the bees knees and has managed to excel in many areas that a weekend away should include!

For starters, the design of the Turnpike is excellent - the owners have done a tremendous job of the decor and have managed to create four different areas to relax in - each one in their own right amazing!  These areas are as follows:

A very rustic and cosy bar area - wooden tables and chairs contrasted with a few upholstered benches that have a wonderful outlook over the reservoir (Mr Custard and I have spent many an hour drinking real ale and superb red wine whilst sampling the food in here!), a beautifully decorated more formal restaurant (if I could marry Mr C again, I would have my reception here its that nice!), a lounge that contains classically comfy Chesterfield sofas between the latter two areas (ideal for a night cap if you're staying over - yep we have done that one too!), and last but not least, a lovely outside area that features chunky wooden benches for if the sun is out - this overlooks the reservoir too!

I would recommend this place to anyone - even if it's just to go and eat - the food is absolutely outstanding and the staff are some of the best that I have ever come across in any self respecting inn - every single time we have been the staff have been super attentive and they can't do enough for you - they are also very friendly and always have a banter with you but in a polite, formal way that makes you feel special - they truly are some of the most highly trained staff I have ever seen and because of this I expect the Turnpike enjoys a lot of repeat business!  The Turnpike special lamb shank with bubble and squeak mash or the fillet steak are just to die for and are cooked to absolute perfection - they just melt in your mouth (see picture below - but beware - it may make you drool!).

Photo from The Turnpike Inn

Personally, I think if you're going to go to this wonderful place - do it properly and experience the whole thing like we do - get a room for the night!  There are six en suite rooms that are superb quality for the price - they are spotlessly clean and beautifully decorated and it means that when your tummy is full from the high quality food and wine you can just roll up to your room easily and not have to worry about getting home!  We have always gone for the bed and breakfast option and let me tell you - the breakfast is just as good as the rest of the menu and is seriously fit for a king!

All in all - the Turnpike Inn at Rishworth Moor is superbly run in every way possible and we think you should all flock in droves to try it!  Lets just hope there is a table left for Mr C and I after you have all read this as we could do with going again - and soon!

Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Bullet Proof Custard!

Now we all like a bit of custard on our treacle sponge but custard has many more uses than this - in fact - custard is now going to be used to protect our fabulously brave troops from bullet fire!  I kid you not...I found a story on the Mail online recently (also posted in the Telegraph) that tells of scientific advances with a custard like liquid which is being used inside body armour!

The new custard filled jackets that have been designed are going to be much lighter to wear than current bullet proof armour, they are more flexible and will also offer better protection for soldiers when in gun fight.  The new liquid has been likened to custard due to the molecules solidifying together when heated - just like when you stir custard over a stove to thicken it!

Being of the custard name, its always good to see advancements in this lovely gloopy liquid and who could have guessed that a substance which is so loved as custard could be used in the protection of our nation - but it looks like it will be and I think its fab!

Picture from the Mail Online - Bullet Proof Custard

Monday, 12 March 2012

Sunshine And Bromance!

Yesterday was the most incredible day of the year yet! The day started off with waking up to the sound of the bird song and the sun bursting through the windows! How anyone can lie in bed on a day like that is beyond me! Up at six and make the most of the day off - that's what I say!

We set off early and headed for a six mile walk near Wetherby (for the cachers reading this the code for the walk is GC3CP1E - Spofforth and Follifoot Walk). We couldn't have asked for a sunnier day....this walk was beautiful in this weather - the only down side was Mr C and the boghunter (aka Pedro the chocolate lab) got rather warm - thank god for the rivers that both of them ended up bathing their feet in to cool down!

There were many memorable points for the walk on such a fine and dandy morning - the first being the sunshine and the lovely sun shimmering meadows, the second being the excellent morning out with friends (which ended up with a cider in the village pub afterwards so always an up side!) and the third being the start of a beautiful Bromance between Andy and Daz (see the photo below)....seriously, the scene was set so well....sunshine, daffodils, pretty little this space for the continuance of this little bit of Geolove I'm telling ya!

All in all, Sunday was a day truly sent from the gods that included everything of importance - sunshine, a bit of warmth on the face, time spent with loved ones and fantastic friends - Dear lord, I wish it could be like that every day! I can highly recommend this walk and there's not much mud either which is always a bonus in Kimmi Custards book!

Good times! :)

Lets Ramp Up The Blogging!

Helllooooooo!!  Now then, I've not been on here for a while but have decided after much deliberation to ramp up the writing again!  The Custards have been up to all sorts this last year - both good and bad so perhaps its time to start sharing the Custard love again - whether its places we've been or what we have been up to, today is the day that we start to share our happy little Custard life with you again!  Which I (Kimmi Custard) might add am really looking forward to!