Wednesday, 21 March 2012

I Hate Wednesdays!

Wednesday is a bad day....its like being in limbo!  At this point of the week, we still have the same amount of time to work as we have already done - the weekend just seems like its a million miles away!  To brighten things up on this terrible day I have found a little Garfield graphic that made me smile.....

Right....time to stop moaning and get on with a post that actually means something lol!  Read on to the next blog post if its time for you to have a bit of well deserved R & R for another great place to stay that we (The Custards) have found at a bargain price!

Just realized also that while I have been writing this post about Wednesdays, it is now lunch time which means we have gone to the other side of the day of limbo and the countdown to the weekend has now begun!  Wahey!  Glass half full again!

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