Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Let The Games Begin! Custard Hopefuls!

Olympic fever is in the air!  The London 2012 Olympic Games are getting ever nearer and there is a growing feeling of excitement throughout the world - especially in the UK where the Games are to be held!

The official Olympic torch relay will begin on May 19th where a massive 8000 specially chosen people will carry the famous flame throughout the country for 70 days after which it will arrive safely in the new Olympic stadium on 27th July!
Preparations are well underway now, the Olympic stadium has been finished and all the merchandise has hit the shops - all that is left to do now is make sure that we have the right Olympic hopefuls in place in order to scoop a barrage of gold medals!

Talented individuals like Mr Custard and I have been working hard over the previous months in order to try out for Team GB!  We feel like we have done everything right to get into the team - we have had had amazing costumes made, our hair has been coiffed and we have put hours and hours worth of practice into our routine.

Today, I can officially announce that the Custards are trying out for the Team GB figure skating team - please watch our try out video below and feel free to mail us afterwards should you feel the distinct urge to sponsor us due to our pure talent!

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