Friday, 16 March 2012

Funtime Friday!

Yeahhhhh!!!  Its Friday!!!  The best day of the week in my book!  At this point in time now - most of the nation (except the people who work weekends - sorry to rub it in guys) is on the countdown to the weekend and is ready to have some fun!  I can feel it now...the weekday frowns are starting to turn upside down because its nearly time to relax!

I used to do a blog for an old company that I worked for and on this blog I had a 'Funtime Friday' thing going that I have to say was rather popular with the think I will carry it on in this blog and spread some Custard cheer from now on on a Friday to help those smiles along!  So here goes the first one that I hope will make you giggle today!  I saw this on my friends Facebook wall the other night and just had to pinch it!  Happy Weekend Guys!

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