Thursday, 15 March 2012

Custard Eats....the little things!

Over the last year or so Mr Custard has built up quite a following for his food photos and posts on Facebook and Twitter.  He writes his descriptions of what we are eating with plenty of passion and manages every time to make them sound like a Marks and Spencers advert!  He has also managed to get a mention in our magnificent local farm shops magazine (Bolster Moor Farmshop) with one of his tweets - something that he is very proud of!

Today this has given me a new idea...why don't we start up a 'Custard Eats' blog with tips and recommendations for food ideas and where to buy the superb quality produce that we always try and eat. This I feel would do two things - 1) help the readers of our blog enjoy their food as much as we do, and 2) help our local food businesses thrive with new customers!  Let's start off simply....

Over the last few mornings at Casa De Custard, Mr C and I have been eating a very simple, but heavenly breakfast - fresh toast with lashings and lashings of super glossy, bright red Bonne Mamman strawberry jam.....oh my word that stuff is amazing!  Each mouthful is like a taste bud explosion of super fruity heaven and personally I can't get enough of it!  Sadly though, my jar is coming to an end so I might just have to hop foot it down to the shop to get some more!

Arrrr....the simple things...seriously, I really think you should try this one if you have never had this premium jam before - I guarantee you will not be disappointed (unless you hate strawberries of course)!

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