Monday, 19 March 2012

Fighting Inspiration!

This weekend a very good friend of mine - Alistair Warren (otherwise known as 'Burt' Warren) boxed at The Motorpoint Arena in Sheffield against John Ryder.  Unfortunately Burt lost the fight on a points basis, but from comments I have previously read about John Ryder regarding knock outs, Burt did amazingly well against him and I personally feel really proud of him!  In a post fight interview with John Ryder featured on iLondon, Ryder tells of how Burt was certainly no push over - he tells of how the fight was 'tough' and that it was the first time he had gone to 8 rounds with anyone before - Go Burt!

The purpose of this little blog post is to tell everyone how inspirational I think Burt is.  I have known him since the very beginning of his boxing career and personally have never met a lad of his age that has been so consistently disciplined with training and health because he wanted to do so well at boxing.  He has constantly strived over the years to do well and because of this he has an amazing win record behind him already!

He never lets anything get him down and constantly gets back up  - and even though he lost on Saturday, he was pictured in the Arena just after the fight (very bruised and battered - see below) with the biggest, proudest grin on his face ever! 

To me, Burt is a legend and is an inspiration to us all what hard work and discipline can do - I have absolutely no doubt either that he will go on to become even more successful in his career because his pure dedication will not let him down!  He should be a lesson to us all!

'Burt' Warren after the John Ryder fight 17th March 2012
Portrait of Burt in his early days of boxing - by me!!!

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