Thursday, 29 March 2012

Custard Ideas...Get Rid Of The Boy Shoes!

last week Mr Custard and I decided to go for a stroll onto Marsden after work for a drink in the sunshine and a spot of tea in a nice pub afterwards.  Unfortunately the stroll was cut short and we only made it as far as Slaithwaite (or Slawit to the locals) due to me having to wear what are known in my book as BOY SHOES!

During the winter just gone, whilst out walking and Geocaching with Mr C and our lovely friends, I have been wearing my Hunter wellies as they are comfy, and look half decent with my skinny jeans.  The downside to wellies though is once it starts to get a bit warmer, your shins start to get very warm and uncomfortable.
My Hunter Wellies!
On this particular evening the weather was lovely and warm so I decided to drag out my walking boots from the cupboard in the hope I would be a little cooler (they had been there a good while too as I hate me they look like boy shoes...and I'm a girl!).  I tied up my laces in disgust whilst Mr C laughed at me and told me to stop being such an idiot and said 'its not a fashion show'. 

Hellloooooo!  Does he know anything about how a girls mind works?  We know everythings not a fashion show but we just like to look nice and wear girly shoes whether we're on a walk or at a fashion show! 

We set off along the canal towards Marsden and within minutes I felt in a really bad mood because of my shoes!  I felt like I had two barges on my feet that would not look out of place on the very canal we were walking alongside!  As well as looking like a pair of boats, they were uncomfortable and made my feet really hot too! 
Huddersfield Narrow Canal
In light of the above and my bad mood, we decided to cut our walk short and only got as far as Slaithwaite!  In the pub, I refused to go and get a drink for Mr C and kept my feet well tucked under the table at all times as every other girl in there had lovely, pretty shoes on!  I HATE BOY SHOES!

So heres my idea...I think that its about time that the manufacturers of technical walking clothing/shoes should take note and start designing some decent 'girl' stuff - especially shoes!  If they did I think that there would be an influx of sales as girls like me would be happy when out walking - this would mean that we would go walking more, which in turn would mean even more sales for manufacturers. 

In the case of Mr Custard and I - this would also make Mr C happier as I wouldn't moan as much either.  That means that designing some great technical girls wear would have a knock on effect on the men of our nation too as they would be happier - and in that case, everyone would be a winner!

Girls just want 'girl' stuff!  It makes them happy!

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