Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Terrific Turnpike!

Today its time to let you know about another of Mr and Mrs Custards favourite places to stay!  We don't like to spend the earth when going away for the weekend but we do like good quality and because we are good at shopping around on the good old tinternet we have always managed to find some outstanding places at really competitive prices!  My aim with this blog was always to share these places with other people too so that they can get a good deal at a fab place and also to big up the excellent establishments that we have stayed in over the years!  So here goes....

The Turnpike Inn at Rishworth Moor is one of our very favourite places and we have now been quite a few times!  This place really is the bees knees and has managed to excel in many areas that a weekend away should include!

For starters, the design of the Turnpike is excellent - the owners have done a tremendous job of the decor and have managed to create four different areas to relax in - each one in their own right amazing!  These areas are as follows:

A very rustic and cosy bar area - wooden tables and chairs contrasted with a few upholstered benches that have a wonderful outlook over the reservoir (Mr Custard and I have spent many an hour drinking real ale and superb red wine whilst sampling the food in here!), a beautifully decorated more formal restaurant (if I could marry Mr C again, I would have my reception here its that nice!), a lounge that contains classically comfy Chesterfield sofas between the latter two areas (ideal for a night cap if you're staying over - yep we have done that one too!), and last but not least, a lovely outside area that features chunky wooden benches for if the sun is out - this overlooks the reservoir too!

I would recommend this place to anyone - even if it's just to go and eat - the food is absolutely outstanding and the staff are some of the best that I have ever come across in any self respecting inn - every single time we have been the staff have been super attentive and they can't do enough for you - they are also very friendly and always have a banter with you but in a polite, formal way that makes you feel special - they truly are some of the most highly trained staff I have ever seen and because of this I expect the Turnpike enjoys a lot of repeat business!  The Turnpike special lamb shank with bubble and squeak mash or the fillet steak are just to die for and are cooked to absolute perfection - they just melt in your mouth (see picture below - but beware - it may make you drool!).

Photo from The Turnpike Inn

Personally, I think if you're going to go to this wonderful place - do it properly and experience the whole thing like we do - get a room for the night!  There are six en suite rooms that are superb quality for the price - they are spotlessly clean and beautifully decorated and it means that when your tummy is full from the high quality food and wine you can just roll up to your room easily and not have to worry about getting home!  We have always gone for the bed and breakfast option and let me tell you - the breakfast is just as good as the rest of the menu and is seriously fit for a king!

All in all - the Turnpike Inn at Rishworth Moor is superbly run in every way possible and we think you should all flock in droves to try it!  Lets just hope there is a table left for Mr C and I after you have all read this as we could do with going again - and soon!

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