Tuesday, 27 March 2012

The War Of The Roses...Yorkshire Pudding Stylee!

Now I don't know how much you guys know about history but I remember being really intrigued when learning about the war of the roses at high school (and before you say it...yes I know that was a long time ago you cheeky monkeys!).  See I thought that this series of civil wars that spanned well over a hundred years between the House of York and the House of Lancaster ended a long time ago around 1485......WRONG!

A few nights ago I was having a little Twitter session and I noticed a comment from an old pal of mine (who also has her own fab blog by the way - www.girlonaterrace.com) regarding north/south divide comments about her tea that day - chips, peas and gravy.  Innocently, after looking at her supplied picture I tweeted back to her something along the lines of:

@girlonaterrace - skip the peas please...Yuck!!! Otherwise...mmmmm! Oh and throw in a Yorkshire pudding!

In my tweet I was simply commenting purely on a food basis - I hate peas but I love Yorkshire pudding (doesn't everyone?) but then all of a sudden the war reared its ugly head again and this is what I got in return...

@kimmicustard - ha!! Woooah wrong side of the hills for a Yorkshire lol!

So there you have it!  It just goes to show that the war of the roses is still very much in play and people 'over the hill' still like to do things differently from us - despite the divide ending hundreds of years ago (apparently!).  I seriously thought everyone in the UK (and other countries) loved Yorkshire Puds!  It seems I was very wrong in regards to people from the other side of the hill!

For Sarahs benefit lol...Mmmmm!  Mine would be minus peas though!
If any of my readers have any thoughts regarding the north/south Yorkshire pudding divide...please feel free to comment!

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