Monday, 26 March 2012

Top Six Moments That Made Me Smile This Weekend!

What a top weekend! After feeling a little frustrated on Friday due to numerous things, Mr custard and I have had a really top weekend due to some wonderful sunny moments that really made us smile! Amongst many others, here are my top six:

1. We got up With the birds on Saturday (The custards don't do lie ins!) and went over to Scunthorpe with our good friends The Gom squad. We had a really lovely walk in great company - little Gom was on top form and made us chuckle all morning with comments about being sick from toothpaste and other tales about gypsies and dwarfs - oh how a little mans mind works! He also showed off his talent at doing an amazing American accent - he's five by the way - just five! I have to say that I think he has the making of a stand up comic! I love kids with character!

2. Following on from the previous talents of little Gom, the second thing this weekend that made me smile (and brought a tear to my eye) was his beautiful rendition of 'Lego House' by Ed Sheeran. After walking for a few hours he just burst into song whilst walking along holding his Mums hand....bless!

3. When catching a bus to my Mums on Sunday morning that was driven by a well known grumpy driver who has worked for the company for years (I have never seen him smile yet in all my years of living in Huddersfield) I witnessed for the first time EVER him smiling at his customers...not only that but when the passengers were sat down comfortably and he started driving, he actually started to sing in his cabin! No word of a lie! It was rather uplifting!

4. My beautiful niece drew me a flower and cut it out for me to take home. She then drew another, and then a house, and then a sunshine, and then me with my tongue stuck out and then stuck it all onto one sheet of paper so that I had a collage (see below). I'm sure we'll all agree that the simplicity of a five year old's drawing is a very cheerful thing!

5. Sunday was the day that 'The bad boy' BBQ was brought out! It was the first one of the year and Mr C, Pedro and I had the most lovely afternoon sat in the sun whilst smelling the uber luscious aromas that were let out of the Weber! An hour later we retreated to the sofa after we decided we could not physically eat any more! BBQs are always fab for lifting the spirits especially in an unusually warm March!

6. The weekend ended with a very funny conversation over Facebook with our friends that are currently sunning it up in the land of Oz! Australian slang was being thrown all over the place but it was lovely to enjoy the sunshine with someone that was so far away! That's the power of the Internet though...especially social networks and blogs - even though you are thousands of miles away from each other you still feel like you're right next to each other! I personally think its fab that we can all keep in touch so easily now!

Drawing by my niece - Love it!
BBQ!  Mr Weber how I've missed you!
...and that my friends concurs my top six smiley moments from the weekend just gone - it just goes to show that true happiness comes from the simple things in life without a shadow of a doubt!

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