Thursday, 15 March 2012

Custard Eats - Bolster Moor Farmshop

Bolster Moor this is most definitely one of the Custards favourite places!  Nearly every day after work we go up to this fantastic farm shop to get something for tea - the quality of the produce there is absolutely outstanding and unfortunately once you've eaten their food, there is no going back and meat from anywhere else will never taste the same!

Simon Haigh & Andrew Whitwam

The Farmshop is owned by second cousins Andrew Whitwam and Simon Haigh and they pride themselves on being an award winning family run business!  Now when I say award winning, I don't just mean one or two awards here or there, they have a list of awards as long as your arm for their produce and it seems that whatever they enter they come out on top - not surprising though having eaten their produce for a while now! 

Picture from Bolster Moor Farmshop

Bolster Moor Farmshop is a truly wonderful place - the produce is amazing, the staff are super friendly and the atmosphere when you are in there is one of real community happiness...they also can't do enough for you, for instance, one evening we went up to get some of their tasty chicken kebabs...I had been looking forward to them all day but when we arrived there were only three left!  That didn't matter though because Andrew (one of the owners) made up some more for me even though everything had been cleared away!  Let me tell you...I was a really happy bunny when I left that day and I expect that if this is how they treat all of their customers (on this I have no doubt) then this is the reason that the car park is always full!

Most of Mr C's amazing culinary creations are made with produce from Bolster Moor and I have to say, since shopping there I have kind of fallen out with the supermarkets - anything we buy from them now just tastes like second rate food!

There is also another reason to take a trip up to Bolster Moor Farmshop - they have a coffee shop too!  The coffee shop building is really lovely and boasts an amazing view over the valley - in there they serve some of the most phenomenal food (of course their own) to munch with your coffee which includes home baked cakes from their own bakery and one of the most popular choices on the menu - breakfast!  The coffee shop is always busy but that's not a problem because the staff (as in the farmshop), are always really attentive!

Picture from Bolster Moor Farmshop

I have to say, Bolster Moor Farmshop is one of those places that makes me feel really lucky to live in Huddersfield - I don't think there would ever be a better place for such high quality produce and a sense of community, they have done an amazing job in creating an outstanding establishment that I hope continues to thrive for years to come!

Oh...and by the way Bolster Moor can now add the 'Custard Favourite Places' award to your accolade!

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