Thursday, 17 March 2011

Princesses in Peril and Vontrapp Villa!

A few weekends ago The Custards decided to get some fresh air into the lungs accompanied by some fellow cachers and some family members.  Mr custard had ear marked a little circular set of caches by Tinker Beth and Zippy Dora called 'Princesses in peril' which looked like a lot of fun - especially for the little ones!  Also en route was a cache by Flookbird (who also helped to plan Princesses in Peril) called Vontrapp Villa.  Well....what a day!  The Geocachers who planted the afore mentioned caches deserve a pat on the back...what fun, as you will see from the photos below!

Mr Custard and the little ones at the start!

Basically, the Disney princesses needed saving....and it was our duty to do it!  The first few caches were in great locations and contained some very important information which was needed in order to save the day!  After collecting all of the information needed, we came to a cache which had a sting in the was padlocked up and we needed to work out how to save the Princess in this one....!  What a great idea which really made the brain have to work!

Woohoo!  Another one found!
Now that's a padlock!
After much head scratching we figured out how to open the padlock....phew!!!  Gathered the details inside (the little ones did some more swop's) and off we went to find the last few.  Just before the final cache, we had Flookbirds 'Vontrapp Villa' cache to find so we headed off in the right direction and got searching for this one.  In no time at all we found the cache and inside it was a spot of dressing up gear....a nuns costume!  Mr Custard wasted no time and was dressed as a nun before we knew were taken and uploaded to facebook within seconds!  We howled with laughter - what a fantastic idea Flookbird!  And just in case anyone missed the photo of Mr Custard, please see below!  I wouldn't want you to miss out!

Vontrapp Villa - i didn't know nuns had beards!

We then carried on to the final caches where we managed to save all of the Princesses - hooray!! The little ones also had a few little trips through a stream in their wellies which they also enjoyed - until it got a little deep and went over the top of them - this was then wet leg time - but luckily we were nearly back at the cars so they weren't very bothered after all of the fun which they had just had!!

All in all, a great morning out, I would really recommend these caches - especially if you have youngsters with you - Tinker Beth, Zippy Dora and Flookbird have put a lot of time and effort into them and have created an amazing little circuit which they should be proud of!

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  1. Top day out caching especially seeing the kiddies faces once the padlock and treasure was successfully opened to free the princess! Loved the novelty Nun cache too!