Monday, 13 May 2013

Custard Evolution!

Its funny how things come about don't you think?  Who would have thought that a bit of a giggle between two Geocaching friends a few years ago would have come to myself and my husband being known as something other than our official names? Yes...that's right...we gained the name of 'The Custards' as a result of our friends Penfolio and Jan having a laugh because Jan got Mr C's Geocaching name wrong in a phone conversation!  And now, the whole 'Custard' thing has evolved even further into the name of our new venture - Custard Create!

From wrong name to company logo!
Exciting times are ahead....Mr C and I have always been creative and loved all things digital - especially photography and digital painting so I thought after a spell of being unemployed and being completely and utterly bored of having no job it was about time we did something with our talents! today I am introducing you to the start of the 'Custard Empire' which will begin with our new website that is currently under construction -

Custard Create is essentially a place where our work can be showcased in the hope that people might come to us or pass our names on should they need anything doing of a creative nature!  We do all sorts of stuff...predominantly digital painting, digital photographic work and main stream photography (weddings, portraits and landscapes).

Here are a couple of examples as well as the digital painting above with our logo on it:

Digital Painting - pictures painted digitally by the use of an Ipad, a couple of photos supplied by the customer, some brilliant painting software and oodles of patience and talent:

Ethan - Digital Painting

Dexter - Digital Pet Painting
Digital Photographic Art - created from your favourite photos using all sorts of digital programs such as Adobe Photoshop etc. in order to create a portrait that is a little funkier than normal! (all pictures below were actually created from portrait shoots done by myself but all sorts of amazing effects can be created from you providing me with a favourite image yourself!):

Beth - Digital art
Archie - Digital art
Poppy - Digital art
Digital art

Mainstream Photography - weddings, portraits and landscapes - packages put together to suit all budgets:


Wedding Photography - photo compilations

Wedding Photography

Wedding photography

Wedding Photography
Wedding Photography

Portrait Photography

Portrait Photography

Portrait Photography

Portrait Photography

Portrait Photography

As you can see - I have plenty of examples of work to showcase on the new site - in fact I have about a million more images as well as the ones on here and we also have loads of new work in different and unique styles that are currently in the pipeline that will be uploaded when finished - so watch this space!

Should anyone want any work done though, no matter how far fetched your ideas, drop us a line on and I'm sure we can create you something that will blow your socks off at a price that's right!

Anyhow...that's how we got to where we are now and I kind of like the fact that our new name has a story behind it - I think it maybe gives us some sort of unforgettable character! In actual fact though, although its been a few years in the making it really feels like just the start of something big - exciting times are ahead.....Custard Empire here we come!

Oh....and a MASSIVE thanks to Paul Penfolio and Jan Whiteley for having such an impact on our new venture's name - I think it will stick with us for the rest of our lives and hopefully this funky, comical little name will be the start of something amazing! :-)

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