Thursday, 21 June 2012

Dear Bear Grylls....

Yesterday Mr Custard went out on a mad Geocaching stomp with our good buddy Matt from the Gom Squad.  Now you all know that he loves his Geocaching very much and on such a sunny day like yesterday when they're 'in the zone' he can add quite a few numbers to his stats - something he is always proud of! Yesterdays jaunt was a little different however, as Mr C and Matt seem to be taking this Bear Grylls adventure mentality to new extremes....

Bear Grylls...adventurous inspiration to many
I became aware of the adventure when I received a tweet from Matt around lunch time that included a photo of the outcome of the antics - the tweet went something like this:

'Wow, Berticusdan has had a tough day #geocaching - that tape is actually holding his leg on!'

At first I panicked and thought that Mr C had had another accident - then I opened the attached photo and started to giggle - here is what I saw:

Thank god for the Gom Squad kit bag!
Now that's what I call a tear!  Luckily for Mr C, Matt is super organized and ready for any eventuality and carries a roll of gaffer tape around in his kit bag - I can just imagine them now getting into the 'Bear Grylls survival' spirit and patching the shorts up!  Bless their little hearts!  However, this huge tear now means we need to buy 'another' pair of Bear Grylls pants so I thought I would send a little letter to Bear Grylls that goes something like this:

'Dear Bear Grylls

Please can you supply my husband with yet another pair of your trousers. As you can see from the picture, he and his friend manage to take your 'adventure' mentality to an extreme when out in the field.  They love your clothing and won't buy anything else - they think its the bees knees.

However, due to your marvelous marketing techniques such as regular emails to them with 'money off' of your products our bank account just can't take any more so I would be delighted if you could shout him a complimentary pair rather than us going into bankruptcy because you are so good at marketing and inspiring adventure which in my husbands case normally results in huge tears in his clothes!

Yours sincerely

Kimmi Custard'

I'm only kidding really (although a free pair would be good!) - Bear's clothes are worth every single penny and really do have a technical but cool purpose to them - like I said above, Mr C and his friends won't buy anything else - they love them!

Looks like its time to find one of those 'money off' online codes.....we can't have Mr C walking round like that can we?  People might think he's a vagrant!

Please note: the aforementioned trousers ripped through no fault of Bear Grylls' choice in quality fabric - it was completely the fault of Mr C and Matt's over adventurous nature!