Friday, 27 July 2012

Don't Mess With Mr Custard!

A few nights ago, me and Mr C went on a work team building evening to the Paul Lane rifle club on the outskirts of Huddersfield where we got a chance to shoot three different rimfire rifles down a firing range with the targets at 20 yards away.  This is something that we wouldn't normally have chosen to do but you have to try out different things right?

Kimmi Croft - I wish lol!

Now those of you that know me will know that this is not really my kind of thing, however, I was actually looking forward to having a go to be honest - just so I could say I've done it and O.K. I'll admit it - maybe I fancied myself as a fatter version of Lara Croft!  I also think its good to push yourself out of your comfort zone sometimes.  Mr C was really looking forward to it too as he absolutely loves anything that includes 'boy stuff'!

When we entered the gun club it was just like I had imagined - there were animal busts and pictures of legally hunted animals everywhere - it was actually really interesting to have a look around at everything and listen to tales from the owner about the trophies and the actual bear skin that was hung on the wall etc.

We were all really intrigued as to how the bear was allowed to be killed and brought back to the UK from Canada. He went on to tell us that the Indians in Canada are the only people allowed to have a licence to kill bears but what they do is sell the licence to other hunters who want to shoot one.  The hunter gives the Indians the bear meat on top of the money for the licence and then the hunter takes home the bear skin with the correct paperwork as a trophy.  It seems that in this situation, everyone's a winner - except for the bear that is!

The Bear!  Surprisingly its fur was very similar to Pedro's!

Anyway, we were quickly split into teams and one by one were taken into the firing range.  The security and safety of the staff at the place was absolutely rock solid which was good because at this point I was a tad nervous (bricking it actually!).  The first rifle we shot had relatively small bullets and to start with I was going nowhere near the target - I quickly got used to it though after calming my nerves and when my tutor announced I had hit the paper target for the first time I could have danced with joy!  I didn't though as I probably would have ended up shooting someone knowing me!

I came out of the range very proud of myself and quickly tweeted a picture of my target saying 'Don't mess with me!' - I even got a shot in the black bit near the middle (see below - for those of you who can't see it, its just to the right of the top number 7!) - elated is the word for how I felt at that point!  It was my first go ever and I hit it loads!  Woohoo!

Kimmi Custards target

Then, it was Mr C's time to go in.  Half an hour later he came out looking very proud of himself and he showed us his target.  Now you have to believe me that this was his very first time at shooting a rifle too, however, after seeing his target I'm a little worried now as to whether he is secretly a sniper and he just forgot to tell me!  Check out his target compared to mine....

Berticustards target + a souvenir he purchased!
This was a fantastic experience for both of us and we are very proud of our souvenir targets however, the moral of this little tale is quite simple - DON'T MESS WITH MR C!  He was obviously a fully fledged sniper in a previous life!

The 'real' Mr Custard!

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