Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Save Our Surgery! People Of Yorkshire Unite!

Yesterday, 2500 people took to the streets of Leeds for the SOS save our surgery demo.  This peaceful demo was immaculately planned and executed to a very high standard and helped the people of Yorkshire continue to get their opinions heard.  As well as attendance from parents, families and children who are directly connected to the unit, the demo was also attended by people who have no current connection to the unit but realize the importance of it staying here.
Save our surgery!
The sun shone gloriously all day for the protestors as they marched through Leeds with a true passion to their destination - Millennium square.  After watching a video of the march on the Yorkshire Post website last night it made me feel absolutely uplifted how all of the people of Yorkshire have come together to fight this categorically wrong decision.  The speakers for the cause at the demo said their words with real conviction and are a wonderful example to us all - the atmosphere looked absolutely electric as they stood tall and meant every single word they said!  If you want to watch the video that made me feel uplifted, here it is courtesy of the Yorkshire Post:

The next step in the fight to save the unit is happening today.  Councillors from across the region are to meet in Leeds to review the closure which is expected to be referred to the health secretary - Andrew Lansley.  An indication has also been made that the decision will be referred to an independent reconfiguration panel - which is welcome news.

A team of representatives for the Leeds children's heart unit which includes my good friend Gaynor Bearder and other major campaigners will be present at the meeting to put the message about the wrongful decision across once more - and if their passionate words in the video above are anything to go by, we will have cause once more to feel utterly proud that we are from part of a community that includes people like these who will tirelessly put themselves forward for the good of us all and our generations to come. They have completely managed to uplift a whole region in order to stand together - now this is how life should be!

Even though many of us couldn't get the day off work yesterday (boo!) to attend the demo, we would just like to let the campaigners and people who are heavily involved in the fight know how much we appreciate every single thing that you are doing for the people of Yorkshire and their generations to come and even though we couldn't be there with you in body yesterday, we are now standing with you in spirit - true Yorkshire spirit - and THAT is a force to be reckoned with!

We would like to wholeheartedly thank you all for what you are doing for our community and wish you every bit of luck in the continued fight - we are behind you 100%!

The Leeds save our surgery demo - S.O.S!  What amazing people!

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