Monday, 30 July 2012

Worsley's Expert Pasta Kitchen

Now lets set the scene....start the Dean Martin song Amore playing in your head, you know the one that starts 'when the moon hits your eye like a big pizza pie, thats amore......when the world seems to shine like you've had too much wine, thats amore....NO!  Actually its when you have been lucky enough like us to go to Worsley's expert pasta kitchen!  What a treat!

Worsley's expert pasta kitchen

Our good friends the Goms invited us round for an evening of pasta making a few weeks ago and I thought it was only right that I went to a little effort to make them an official sign for the job (above) seeing as though they had gone to such a massive effort to teach us to make pasta!  They had a big shiny pasta machine and every type of pasta filling that you could imagine in order for us to have a most tasteful evening!  There was also a LOT of red wine involved - but its only right if you're doing the cooking I think and we were ALL doing the cooking after all!  Every single one of us got right into the spirit of the Italian was a great night!

Kimmi Custard joins the experts!

Oh what fun we had!  In no time at all we had flour flying all over the place when making the pasta dough (mostly down to me actually...oops!) and then when we moved over to the pasta machine the giggling started.  Little Ethan was an absolute whiz with turning the handle - he actually looked like Clark Kent turning into Superman at one point he was turning it that fast!  It took around three of us to hold the pasta out as it got really long and then when it was time to cut it all up, you could totally see where Ethan got his Superman impression from as Matt made the ravioli in super fast time - he seriously looked like a Pro - in fact I bet he would give Gino D'Campo a good run for his money at breaking the record for ravioli making!

When we sat down to eat the pasta it was amazing and the kitchen quickly became filled with 'oohs' and 'arrs' due to the absolutely mouthwatering taste explosions that we were all experiencing at that moment!  There is also something so satisfying about sitting to eat food like that which you have made completely from scratch - its just a great feeling!  We then finished the meal with THE most amazing lemon tart I have ever had made also by Matt's fair hands.  Below is an Instagram collage of our pasta making evening, just in case you want to drool....

From eggs and flour to full on Italian cooking!

This really was a great experience that we thoroughly enjoyed and would like to do again.  It has left me thinking however that maybe Matt and Carrie should open one of the latest trends - a pop up restaurant?  I mean lets face it, they have the branding and the foodie shots for the advertising already thanks to moi - all they would have to do is get the customers in but frankly I think they would come in droves after reading about the Custard's evening with them!  I am even going to go so far as to say that Mr C and I are going to award The Worsley's expert pasta kitchen the 'Custard Favourite Places Award!'

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