Thursday, 2 August 2012

Children's Heart Surgery Closure Latest - Please Donate!

You may have all read my previous posts about the fight to keep the Leeds Children's heart surgery unit open after the horrendous decision to close it - if you did, and maybe even shared them - I want to start this post by saying a huge 'THANK YOU'! Through the magnificent numbers of people that have read these posts, it wholeheartedly shows that this is an issue that has struck a major cord with the people of Yorkshire and surrounding areas.
The save our surgery fight goes on with mega strength!
People like you who are following the campaign and sharing posts like this to raise awareness of the fight are soooooo important because it is constantly keeping the situation in the public eye and because of this, more and more people are joining the fight and like I've said before - many drops make an ocean.  Many of the people involved in the campaign have direct links to the surgery such as children who need the unit due to illness - but now, the amazing thing is that many people who don't have a direct link to the unit are also getting involved!  To stand behind the people in the thick of the fight will only make them stronger so lets keep doing our bit and help to hold them up!

Over the last couple of days, a fund has been set up in order to help the campaigners fight even further by hopefully launching a legal challenge against the decision.  This development so far has been welcomed with open arms and the people and businesses of Yorkshire have already started to donate money to the cause due to it being such an important unit to keep open!

Children's heart surgery fund logo

Should you want to join in and help to overturn this decision, please, please, please donate anything you possibly can to this very important fund - it will help to show the bigwigs that the people of Yorkshire have a massive voice and will fight to the final hurdle - even by using their own money!  Should you want to donate there are three ways in which you can do it:

1.  By 'Just text giving' - type in code SOSL18 followed by the amount you want to donate - £1, £2, £3, £4, £5 0r £10 then send the text to 70070

2.  You can donate online through the 'Charity choice' website - please follow this link and fill in your details - In the comments please state 'restricted for the Fighting Fund'. This ensures your donation is allocated to this project specifically. :

3. You can send a cheque made out to 'Children's heart surgery fund'  Please post to:  Room 001, Ground Floor, Old nurses home, Leeds general infirmary, Leeds, LS1 3EX.  Charity number 700753

For any more information, please visit the official Children's heart surgery web page:

Absolutely anything would be fantastic guys, and if you can, I know I ask you to do it pretty often but after you've donated please share this post in the hope that other people will donate and share too!  Thanks very much from the bottom of my are all so wonderful and if we all stand together with all our Yorkshire might hopefully the unit will stay open!

You're all so awesome guys!

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