Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Save Arrunden Kennels!

Imagine having a successful, established boarding kennels and cattery business for over 30 years and then a builder comes along, throws up a few houses next to it, rents them out and then the tenants who move in moan to the local council because of the noise at the kennels. Then, because of this complaint, the business gets threatened with a noise abatement order from the council - an order which if not complied with would result in huge fines through the courts, which in turn could potentially lead to the business having to close due to bankruptcy. It just doesn't seem right does it and correct me if I'm wrong but I don't ever remember a dog having a volume button? Unfortunately, this is EXACTLY whats going on up at Arrunden Kennels and Cattery in Holmfirth - I kid you not - and it needs to be stopped!
Please help to save Arrunden from potential closure!
Surely you would think, when first looking at a house to rent that the tenants would notice a substantial, well advertised boarding kennel right across the road and if they didn't like to hear the sound of a dogs bark maybe choose somewhere else to live?  I just don't understand why on earth these people would choose to live there if they didn't like noise but now because of the fuss they have made, one of Huddersfields most well-loved boarding kennel businesses is under threat because of noise (a noise that has been there for over 30 years might I add and never been cause for concern before) - the worst thing about it is though, the original tenants that kicked up such a fuss and caused the owners and staff at Arrunden major upset for over 6 months don't even live there any more - they have moved out!

Now you all know Mr C and I well by now and you also know and love our little pooch - Pedro.  We have been taking Pedro to Arrunden boarding kennels since he was a puppy and he is now nearly nine - we have always loved it there too - they are so caring, keep it spotlessly clean and learn the character of each pet quickly, for instance, when we picked Pedro up one time after a holiday we asked if he had been O.K. and we got the reply 'Oh! Pedro will do anything for a biscuit!'. That made us feel so good as they are obviously bothered about treating your pet in a friendly, dog loving manner, rather than just dumping them in the kennel and ignoring them until you come back for them!

From time to time, if Arrunden has been full, we have had to take him to other kennels in the area and I have to say, unfortunately, many times when we have picked him up he has stunk - like he has been sat in his own pee all weekend and this always upsets us.  This is why we always choose Arrunden if we can - in our opinion, it is by far the best boarding kennels in Huddersfield.

Jackie, the owner of Arrunden kennels and all of her staff are absolutely lovely and work very hard to run such a wonderful place where you can leave your beloved pets without worrying about them. Its just not fair that after a year of being terrorized by the tenants who have now moved out they are still being subjected to the stress of the noise abatement order which could potentially ruin their long standing business - they have been there for over 30 years without a complaint before so why should it be different now?  Perhaps the question should be asked - why was the planning permission for the houses passed in the first place when there was an already established boarding kennel a few metres over the road?
Please help raise awareness!
Anyhow, this is the awful situation that Arrunden are currently in and its heartbreaking to see the stress caused to such a nice group of people who offer a fantastic service to the local community, so, like my posts before regarding the closure of the Children's heart unit in Leeds - its time to get behind them too and support a long standing local business that does not deserve to be under threat of potential closure if they do not comply to the noise abatement order.  If you would like to help put a stop to this threat, please read on for ways in which you can show your support to Jackie and her team:

1.  Write a letter to Councillor Khan expressing your concerns over the potential threat of closure to Arrunden due to the noise abatement order.  You can write to him on

2.  Sign the official petition after you've signed it - PLEASE SHARE IT!

3.  Share this post on Facebook and Twitter in order to raise more awareness about this situation and hopefully get more people to retweet/share and then sign the petition/write to Councillor Khan!

Your help would really mean a lot to them up at Arrunden kennels - this has been going on for a while now and needs to be stopped - it is awful that they have this terrible situation looming over them day in, day out - all they want to do is go back to running their business without worrying about a potential closure if they can't adhere to the noise level!

It would also mean a lot to Pedro - he loves it there and that is important to us too.  So please help - I mean, just look at his little eyes below - how can you possibly ignore such a cute face?!

'Please help to save Arrunden Kennels - its my favourite!'


  1. I bet if you send this story to the Examiner, they'd run it! (


  2. I think that's a great idea too! Will check with Arrunden if it's what they want and forward on to Examiner if so!

  3. I've suggested this a few times but Jackie is reluctant in case they mess the story up as they can occasionally do! A chum of mine is thinking of sending it to the BBC North.

  4. Hi Catherine,

    Thanks for the comment, I think its always best to speak to Jackie first before doing anything with the media - they are already really upset about the situation and don't want to make anything worse - that's why she is concerned. The best thing would be for Arrunden themselves to get in touch with the media I think, they can then make sure everything is 100% accurate then and won't get any nasty comeback from other people involved.

    I have already spoken to them about the Examiner and hopefully they will get in touch with them - it would bring some great exposure about the problem to the public I think in order for the council to re-think the abatement.


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