Thursday, 9 August 2012

Comedy Night Dave - Now To Donate To Children's Heart Surgery Fund!

Kimmi Custard (that's me if you didn't already know!) is excited today - I have some fabulous, fabulous news which will give you even more reason to buy tickets for Huddersfield's first comedy championship - 'Comedy Night Dave' which will be held on Saturday 29th September 2012 at The Keys restaurant beneath the Parish church.  It is going to be truly fab and I personally can't wait!  They say that laughter is good for your health and with this awesome news - it will be - literally!

Laughter is great for health!

As you may have read in my last post, the organizer of this laugh a minute event - Dave Cowan, has drafted me in to help him sell the tickets for this exciting new idea.  Well, last Saturday I had a meeting with him and the owners of The Keys - Paul and Vicky, so that we could get things under way. At the meeting we were all very excited and managed to kick off many ideas for the night that are sure to make it a great success!

Whilst chatting, we got onto the subject of this very blog and Dave mentioned my previous posts about the Leeds heart surgery closure saying how great he thought it was that so many people were getting involved in the campaign to keep it open.  I told him about the new fund that has just been set up to raise money in order to launch a legal fight against the decision and that's when the news came......

Dave, Paul and Vicky have decided in order to support such a heart felt Yorkshire cause, that £1 of every ticket sold for the comedy championship will be donated to the children's heart surgery fund!!!  How amazing is that!  There is also now talk of a raffle on the evening to raise even more money for them too - so this means that now there is even more of a reason to buy your tickets as this truly magnificent fight by the people of Yorkshire will be supported too by this event!

I have to say - I am delighted at this news and I am really loving how everyone is now pulling together to help the campaigners overturn the decision to close the unit - its amazing to feel such unity!
'Comedy Night Dave' will be donating to the children's heart surgery fund!

So....just a recap from the last post as the tickets will sell like hot cakes because of this fantastic news now that is has been announced - tickets are on sale NOW from The Keys restaurant which is situated in the crypt beneath the Parish church on Byram Street in Huddersfield town centre.  The tickets cost £10 but include a free supper too (excellent value for such a great night out!).  The tickets are limited so if you want to go to this event its worth getting some as soon as possible!

Should you want to actually enter the comedy championship, there is a prize on the night of £200 for the winner who will be chosen by a panel of judges.  To enter please call The Keys restaurant on 01484 516677 for details.  An amazingly funny night which is coupled with support for a very worthy cause is sure to be a winner so:


The Keys Restaurant - Amazing venue and home to 'Comedy Night Dave'

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